And then…

I keep thinking that I’ll start blogging daily or weekly or monthly, soon.  I have lots to say and little motivation to write.  Seems like the story of my life could be summed up by the words “And then…”  I am a dreamer who is apparently content with the dull relentless day to day workaday world.  Maybe this blog will get me to think about where I want to be and set some goals that I’ll go out and achieve.  I do have a fatalistic attitude towards life, a brush with the big C about 12 years ago left me with a “live for today as there may not be a tomorrow” thought/mantra.  Some people take that and run to great heights, I just go out for a run and enjoy being outside running.


Well this was more than I thought I’d post this morning while eating my oatmeal, just wanted to “get something on paper” for once.




  1. robertwb · January 25, 2013

    Keep it coming man! You are not “just another”, rather “just the best person to throw down aerobic-sport-style with”!!!

  2. bigboypete75 · January 25, 2013

    Yessir, will do. I am also going to try to include any parallels i find between trail marathon/50k/endurance race training & swimming that I come across. There have already been some so it’s time to get that stuff out there!

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