Beginning of a journey

So last night was the first run of what I am calling, “Pete’s March to 50 Miles”.  To keep myself accountable I will be blogging more, better tracking what I eat & posting here what my interim goals are along the way.  As I wrote last year, I always think that I will start writing on here more and then don’t.  This time I hope to update you, dear reader, with my progress towards my goal race in November –  The Stone Mill 50 Mile Race.  The registration opens on August 1st and I’ll be doing some other assorted distance runs throughout the summer & fall.  


My basic training plan is to run Tue/Thur/Sat/Sun and increase my mileage from my recent average of about 20 -25 miles a week up to 50 – 60 a week at least.  This will need to be in direct connection with losing about 30 – 40 lbs and keeping my knees & ankles healthy throughout the summer/fall.  


I think my favorite part of the plan so far is that I’ll be on trails for at least 3 of the 4 runs per week and will make sure the 4th is on trails most of the time.  This will lessen the impact that my current body type puts on my joints.  


For now I leave you with a picture of my monster that I took this past weekend hiking one of my favorite trails –



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