Hello 2015!!

So this is the year I turn 40.  I don’t really look at that and think I’m old.  I don’t care that I am 40.  You are only as old as you feel.

Now I must admit, when I get out of bed my ankles & legs sometimes give me all kains of grief.  This is mostly due to my inability to realize how good it is to stretch & ice my ankles & legs after running.  So here I will pledge some goals for 2015 in an attempt to keep me on track for getting some stuff done in 2015.

1.  Cross-train & Stretch.  Swim at least once a week, on the days I don’t run, stretch & do other core strengthening exercises.

2.  Complete a 50 mile race.  I had planned on doing this last year & doing a 100 mile run in 2015 but injuries plagued me in 2014 so it’s back to learning how to run without bad pain & train like I have never done in the past.  The goal race will be Stone Mill 2015 but if I feel that I am ready for a another 50 mile race earlier in the year, great.

3.  Adhere to a better diet.  I bought a Nutri-Bullet recently.  I plan on using it.  A lot.  Try to make sure I set my self up for success when it comes to eating.  I am addicted to fat & sugar.  The best way to curb that is to have food available that is not high in either of those & eat that when hungry.

4.   Become a better friend, brother & son to the people I care about.  This is one that I really feel needs attention as I find it’s better to stay away from people in general as they only seem to make my life difficult.  The idea then to make sure reach out to friends & family more often and express the feelings that I care for them and want to be there for them is important to me.

5.  Professional goals are same as always.  Keep learning as much as possible.  Keep being the best at what I do within the confines of my surroundings.

6  Make sure that Miles is as well taken care of as I can.  This mostly means that my finances do not deter me from paying for any treatment or rehab he’ll need as he gets older.  It’s not fair to him if I can’t pay for things he needs as he gets older.  It’s obscene how much I love that dog.  He’s been with me through thick & thin.  Always barking at me, whining at me for attention, food or water.  As he gets older, the things we used to do like long walks are going to be tuned down.  I need to fill his life with more to do, and more interesting things to keep him engaged & happy.

I really enjoy running on trails.  This past couple of years have been very hard as my body has been revolting at the lack of care I have given it.  This is a repeat of my swimming career.  I ran my shoulders into the ground early (age 13) and had to use strengthening techniques to get past this pain.  I showed then, as I do now an extreme lack of motivation to do those stretch & strengthening exercises.  Why is this?  It will only make me faster, better at what I already enjoy doing but I don’t seem to realise how important they are.

So these are a few of the ideas I have swirling around my head at the turn of my 40th year.

I’ll see you out on the trails!


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